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Step_1:   Determine the "extension" that will be associated with your domain and make that selection below.

                       For example, has a ".com" extension and thus, you would click on

                       ".c" in the list below.  That selection represents the "first letter" of the domain extension name.

                                              .a  .b  . .d         .e  .f  .g  .h        .i  .j  .k  .l  .m 

                                      .n  .o  .p  .q  .r       .s  .t  .u  .v              .w  .x  .y  .z

                      (Note:  Once you click on ".c", a page containing a list of ".c" extensions will appear)

Step_2:   Select ".com" from the list of domain extensions (since a ".com" domain is used as our example).

                       Once you make your selection, a page containing a list of ALL ".com" websites/blogs

                       will appear.

Step_3:   Click the                                   button in the menu.  (If you haven't created an account, you should

                        do so at this time.)  Once you are logged into your account, select "Articles" from the left column

                        menu.  Now you are ready to "Add your website/blog info".


Step_4:   Click the                                           button.   Once you have "clicked" the                                            button

Step_5:   Click the                                       button.   Once this is done, a page will appear that has a folder called

                                                                                               AdvertiseThatWebsite.  Click the "arrow" in front of the

                                                                                               "folder image" and you will see a list of domain extensions


Step_6:   Click the "arrow" in front of the "folder image" of Domains (with ".c..." extension).  Once this

                        is done, you will see a list of domain extensions.  Scroll down the list and click the "circle" in front  

                        of the ".com" extension.

Step_5:   Click the                                        button and enter your domain/blog info.


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