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    How to Make Money Online

Someone once said, "Don't wait for your ship to come in...

        swim out to it.  It's not that far!"

Personal note to you:

    First of all, I am sharing this info with you not as a TEACHER, but as a MENTOR.  The average "guru" (in many if not most cases) will only teach you what they think you want to hear and what they think you can afford.  A MENTOR will tell you WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.  The Mentor is never satisfied with your current progress.  He/she wants to help you find your purpose and reach your potential!

    Next, always strive to be on top..."because it's the bottom that's overcrowded"!  Don't spend your time with those who cannot and will not get excited/enthusiastic about your "dream".  They'll only hold you back.  It's much easier to run with the "100 who wants to go" than with the "one that's wrapped around your neck"!

    And finally, remember that the greatest threat to your YOUR LAST ONE!  Don't become satisfied with your last accomplishment.   Always be convinced that the BEST is yet to come!  This information should be a BLESSING to you.  "Live long and prosper"  (based on 3 John 2  KJV of the Bible)!... Leroy Williams

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