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Yard Sales Event:


Profile of "what it entails"...


1 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Monday]
2 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Tuesday]
3 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Wednesday]
4 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Thursday]
5 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Friday]
6 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Saturday]
7 -- 1st. Day of Sale [Sunday]

    This Option allows you to advertise any/all yard sales events that you may have.  Because you are allowed to create an account, you can modify your Ad at any time (and as often as you like).  Furthermore, this allows you to post as many events as you like (within a 6-month period) for a total of only $10 (that's right, only twenty dollars total).  Your Ad can contain up to 5 images (at any one time).  Unless deleted by you sooner, your Ad space will automatically expire in 6 months (with an option also to renew).    Ads VIOLATING OUR TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) are not allowed and WILL BE DELETED without notice (and WITHOUT REFUND)!!

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