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How to Make Money Online:


Profile of "what it entails"...

      You will have access to the following resources:

Part 1:  Being Successful

  1.  Five Questions that Everyone must answer to become successful. (15-minute video)

        a) Who am I?

        b) Where Am I From? (Until you know where you are from, you don’t know...

        c) Why am I here?  (You didn’t come here to “make a living”__you came here...

        d) What can I do?... What is my true ability?

        e) Where am I going?  This question has to do with your destiny!

  2.  The wealthiest spot on this planet…  (15-minute video)

  3.  God is full of potential…He is omnipotent..”You ain't seen nothing yet!  (15-minute video)

  4.  “God doesn’t start until He is already finished!”  (15-minute video)

  5.  “God put the seed of everything IN THE SEED…It’s called potential!” (15-minute video)

  6.  “You are not finished yet…You are as big as your dreams!”  (15-minute video)

  7.  “God will speed things up in your life!”  (video)

  8.  Prayer!  (video)

  9.  How to Know When God is Speaking to You  (downloadable PDF)

10. The Integrity of God's Word    (downloadable PDF)

11.  Some Simple Solutions to Some BIG Problems   (downloadable PDF)

12. The Urgent Time to Get Busy For God   (downloadable PDF)

13. This Must Be Our Finest Hour   (downloadable PDF)

Part 2:  Starting Your Own Online Business: A Step-by-Step Example

       1.  Deciding the type of business that you want
             a) A Creative Strategy for Your Online Business
             b) The best 1000 niches (suitable areas for marketing in/to) in the year 2021.

       2.  Building a Website/Blog
              a)  A place where you can not only build a website, but also receive instructions which

                    will enable you to actually build your site.
              b) Three tools needed to create a profitable online home business

       3.  Monitizing the Blog/Website
              a) One of the easiest and most effective ways of “monetizing” (make money with) your

              b) An Example of monetizing a Site

       4.  Getting Traffic - A Site with no traffic is like a store with no customers!
              a)  The two major types of traffic.
              b)  At least 42 Ways to Get FREE Traffic


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