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African-American History

     Black History: Why Should We Care?

          A Message to "White" America

          A Message to "Black" America:

          A Message to the "Body of Christ"


     The History of Black America

          African Past to Civil War

          Reconstruction to Supreme Court Decision 1954

          Civil Rights Movement to Black Revolution

      Let us not forget

          Historic Black Women

          Black Scientists and Inventors

          Black Pioneers?

          Black Civil Rights Leaders

          Black Abolitionists

         Black Mathematicians

          Black Educators

          African Kings and Queens


               ...additional info

     But How Did We Get So Displaced?


     Where Do We Go From Here?

          Recognize Perpetrators of Differences...

          The Greatest Threat to a Racist Society

          Finding Your Purpose in Life

          Understanding Your Potential

          Releasing Your Potential

          Making This "Your" Decade!! 

          "Unfixing" Your "Fixed" Income

          A message to the World

          Some Helpful (Educational) Resources

          The Greatest Threat to Your Success

     A Call to Action

          Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities

          (Preserving our history & legacy... NOT ENCOURAGING "separation"!!)


     "Women in Motion"

     Additional Resources

     "About the Author"

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