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    The McCauley Foundation, which is family-owned and operated, exists for one purpose:  "To preserve, protect, and promote the legacy of Rosa Louise Parks...Period!"

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My Story

"To whom much is given, much is expected" ... by Anonymous


     As a family, we have always had a sense of right and wrong and even when we deviated ... our prayers were more intense than the Apostle David!  I'm just kidding - seriously McCauley's typically have a strong sense of right and wrong and hate to be mistreated.  Therefore, history has used us as litmus tests when it comes to things like, say the Montgomery Bus Boycott or even the Civil Rights Movement.


     I am privileged to present the Rosa McCauley Parks Family Foundation created to safeguard the memory of her as a normal, breathing, thinking human being.  As such, she deserves to be honored and remembered in a way that is beneficial to the youth of the future - and a reminder that we are all "Auntie Rosa" and can honor her by always 'doing the right thing', as she did by defying racist Jim Crow laws!


So, journey with us, as we as a family navigate these treacherous and dark times.  As a close friend says "See you on the other side"...


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