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                  Starting, Promoting, and Operating Your On-line Business

                                                         (Seminar Agenda)



Nine Faulty Assumptions About Wealth


A Commencement Speech We Can Learn From


Seven(7) Rules of Success


The Difference In Seasons Is An Idea


Dream It, Believe It, Live It


Making Money Online (Simplified)


A System (example) for Making Money Online


Now, Let’s Get to Work!!

       Things needed to make money on the Internet


        Product/ Idea

        Free Irresistible offer

        Squeeze Page


Traffic Generation and Conversions

            Pillars of Traffic

            Rules of Traffic


Dominate Google and Craigslist With One Stone!


Principles of a Successful Website


How to Make Money Online WITHOUT Hosting OR a Website


How to make $60,000 per year online…


SPECIAL SECTION:  Running Your Online Business




“Most people have almost been brainwashed into thinking that the only way they can earn money is to work for someone else…Yes, this was perhaps true a generation or two ago, but with the arrival of the internet and automated technology, ANYONE can start up their own business and make huge amounts of money online…”


Recently (while speaking at a major University’s Annual Computer Science Symposium) I said the following:

“When I was with you two years ago I said ‘The day of working for a Company for 30 years is over…They are going to be hiring and firing on the internet!  Therefore, take steps NOW to learn what it takes to establish an income online!’  Well that time is HERE!!” Those who fail to adapt to change will inevitably be destroyed by it!


This is a “no-fluff” PRACTICAL Seminar that will show you (step-by-step) how to go from “where you are now”  to “being able to establish an income online”…and more!!

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