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Workbook for April 2013 Seminar:

Starting, Promoting, and Operating

Your On-line Business

(by Leroy Williams)


Everyday the financial news is gloomy.


•        Violent Stock Market Swings

•        Record Deficits With No End In Sight

•        Continued Washington Spending Sprees

•        Foreign Country Economic Calamity

•        Looming Hyper-Inflation

•        No Jobs

•        Decimated 401k Accounts


And the list just goes on and on and on.....



What are you going to do to protect yourself?  If you're in the Internet Marketing industry, the time has never been more critical to get your business going and producing an income. Don't be a victim.....choose to be different!  More and more people are making the financial and time investments necessary to counter all the doom and gloom.


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