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      Although Mr. Williams has many accomplishments that he doesn’t talk that

much about, here are just a few:

Click here  -  Summary


LinkedIn  -  Was among Top 8 Senior Software Design Engineer profiles in Tampa/st ..


Click here – How Did The Yard Sale Shop “Come About”?


Instrumental in “Two Mules and a Vet” saga

          Click here – Image #1 (Charlie Peters:  In his own words)

          Click here – Image #2 (The Yard Sale Shop:  Where It All Began)

          Click here – Image #3 (Charlie Peters and Leroy Williams)

          Click here – Image #4 (What’s next)

          Click here – Image #5 (The Navy Dinner Plate)


Click here -- On “giving away” his entire store (The Yard Sale Shop) as a blessing to others.


Click here – On “Starting, Operating, and Promoting Your Online Business”

                                (Note: Hardcover workbook is "temporarily" unavailable.

                                  However, The EBook may be available upon request).


Click here – The Yard Sale Shop:  A “job” that was part of Mr. Williams “work”

                     (Job? or Work?  What’s the difference?)


Click here – The “Builder & Developer” of an Official Rosa Parks Website


Coming soon…

                                   The University of Entreprenuerial Education

                                           (Your Path to Entrepreneurship Begins Here!)


                                       Emphasis will be placed on:


                            THREE THINGS THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE TOP:

                                      Personal Development  (also see,

                                      Marketing Education (The best that there is at the time)

                                      Wealth Creation Education

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