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Your WORK vs. Your JOB



Your work is not your job.


Your job is what they pay you to do.

      Your work is what you was born to do.


Your job is your skill.

      Your work is your gift.


Your job, they can fire you from.

      Your work, they can't touch.


You can retire from your job,

    but you can never retire from your work...because YOUR WORK IS YOUR GIFT...


A Message to the “Men”

      WORK ====> "To BECOME!!"


    God has hid into every male an awsome vision of what he is suppose to become.


               You don't suppose to "go to work"...You are suppose to "manifest work".


               Your work is what you are carrying that you suppose to bring forth for your generation.

                            THAT'S YOUR WORK!


     Your job is temporary__ that's why they can fire you...BUT THEY CAN'T FIRE YOU FROM BEING YOU.

     It's important for the male to find his work because it's the first thing God told him to do.  BECOME yourself... MANIFEST who you really are!  REVEAL your true self.  The average man has never discovered his true self.  That's why the women are confused.  You can NEVER fire a person from his WORK because you can not HIRE a GIFT.

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